Project Initiative

Project Data
Initiator/Information source
Shevchenkivskyi district state administration
Local administration:
Polytechnichnyi lane, 3-A
Type of land ownership:
Permanent ownership (state act)
Leaseholder/current occupier:
Lyceum "Universe" (tenant)
Land appointed for:
Operation and maintenance of existing buildings
Land area:
0.1 hectares
Current buildings on plot:
Detached non-residential buildings
Owner of the buildings:
Department of Education, Shevchenkivskyi district state administration
Built-up area:
2 128 square meters
Additional Information:
It is planned to build the out-of-school education center with total area of 1 500 sq. m on the territory of the lyceum "Universum"
Possibility of additional land allocation:
Not possible
Investment amount:
30,9 mln UAH
Prospective use:
Construction of the out-of-school education center
Social projects (preschool, secondary school, medicine, etc.)
Peer review and comment:
4 = There is a need to increase the number of places in children's education institutions
Current Status:
Department of City Construction and Architecture conclusion:
Department of Land Resourses conclusion:
The Department considers it is possible to conduct an investment competition
Departament of Community Property conclusion:
There are detached non-residential buildings of community property
KIA Conclusion:
The project has investment attractiveness, it is recommended to implementation