Project Initiative

Project Status

Tender in preparation
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Project Data
Project features
Project provides for placement of the bicycle points of hire, maintenance, temporary storage of bicycles and landscaping of the adjacent territory, depending on the situation at each site.
- 20 Obolonskiy avenue (Minska metro station)
- Park of Friendship of People
- Academic Tronko str. (near the Museum Pirohovo)
- 1 Glushkov avenue, (Vystavkoviy center metro station)
- Intersection of Grigorenko and Mykoly Bazhana avenue
Number of temporary buildings
5 pcs.
Project budget: 1 million UAH.
Street lights
5 pcs.
5 pcs.
5 pcs.
Project budget
1 million UAH
* All of the above indicators are indicative and provided for familiarization