Project Initiative


Address: Housing estate Poznyaky, microdistrict №8, area №38. Land area: 1,1 hectares

Project Data
Initiator/Information source:
Darnytskyi district state administration/Pre-school
Local administration:
Darnytskyi district
Housing estate Poznyaky, microdistrict №8, area №38
Type of land ownership:
The land is not given in ownership or use
Land appointed for:
Current use:
The land is free from buildings
Land area
1,1 hectares
Current buildings on plot:
There are no buildings on the plot
Owner of the buildings:
Investment amount:
54 166 200 UAH
Prospective use:
Building of pre-school
Social projects (pre-school, secondary school, medicine, etc.)
Peer review and comment:
The land is attractive for building of pre-school.
Densely populated with multistory buildings residential area.
Developed infrastructure.
Department of City Construction and Architecture conclusion:
The implementation is possible if pre-school is with
regulatory capacity which is calculated as a part of the project of development 8th microdistrict area
Department of Land Recourses conclusion:
№057022-10837 14.10.2014 lands are not given to the property.
Department of Community Property conclusion:
No need – there is not communal property on the land
KIA Conclusion:
The project is investment attractive and is recommended to implement