Investment competitions will be held in Kyiv in order to arrange the area of active entertainment and recreation with the improvement of the territory in Holosiivsky park. This is stated in the orders of the KCSA № 1924 and № 1925.

According to the Economy and Investment Department, the area of active entertainment is planned to be on the territory of the park with an area of 0.75 hectares. There will be three blocked temporary structures on the territory for cash registers, coaching, inventory storage, staff facilities, gazebos, catamarans, tubing slides, benches, and litter bins.

Also with the attracted investor will be arranged a rope park on the territory of 1.5 hectares of M. Rylsky Park. Previously, the length of the route will be 1440.5 m, and the length of the roller system – 178 m. Two temporary structures, a children’s trampoline, a climbing platform, and a maze, should also be installed there.

The project owner is a utility company for the maintenance of green spaces of the Holosiivskyi district. Preparatory, pre-investment, works, in particular, on the development of indicative technical and economic indicators and pre-project proposals, have been entrusted to ME “Kyiv Investment Agency”.

The final technical and economic indicators and detailed information about the investment object, including the final cost of project implementation, will be determined on the basis of approved in the established order the project documentation or other documentation stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

The announcement of investment competitions and the beginning of the receipt of investment proposals will be published in the city newspaper “Khreschatyk. Kyiv”.