An investor will create a network of rental kayaks, canoes, and other equipment for water sports in the Holosiyivsʹksyi, Darnitskyi, Desnianskyi, Dniprovskyi and Obolonskyi districts of Kyiv. The winner of the investment competition has been approved by the KCSA Order № 509.

According to the Department of Economics and Investments, rental stations will be on the following 9 addresses:

– Dnieper embankment in the Dniprovsky district;

– Dolobecky island in the Dniprovsky district;

– Henerala Vatutina avenue in Desnianskyi district;

– Colectorna street, near Lake Tyahle in Darnytskyi district;

– 55-a Sadova street, near the site 183 (Lake Martyshiv) in the Darnytskyi district;

– Malozemelʹna street, near the 13-B site (Southern bridge) in the Darnytskyi district;

– Naberezhno-Korchuyatska street in Holosiivskyi district;

– 5 Pryrichna street in Obolonskyi district;

– 25 Pryrichna street in Obolonskyi district;

These plots are in communal ownership of the metropolitan community. Therefore, the acquisition by the investor of the right of ownership or use (lease) of the said sites on the basis of the investment agreement is prohibited.

The rental stations will consist of exceptionally prefabricated demolition temporary structures, without the construction of foundations. Construction of capital buildings on land plots for project implementation is prohibited.