The winner of the investment competition for attracting the investor to the project implementation a rope park in the “Poznyaki” park in Darnytskyi district was approved. It became a limited liability company “Activna Darnitsya” according to the order of the KCSA № 1171.

The winner was determined in June at a meeting of the permanent tender committee to attract investors to finance construction, reconstruction, restoration, etc. of residential and non-residential, construction, engineering, and transport infrastructure.

As informed in the Department of Economics and Investments, under the terms of the competition, the winner of the investment competition must equip 400 m of routes, install several temporary structures, which will include coaching and inventory rooms, cash desks and dressing rooms, in particular, especially for people with limited mobility. Also, at the expense of the investor will be the landscaping of the “Poznyaki” park – the installation in the park of benches for recreation, urns and containers for garbage. The installation of all components of the investment object will be carried out without causing damage to the territory of the facility and natural objects located in the area of the “Poznyaki” park.

The Department of Economics and Investments is entrusted with the conclusion of an investment contract with the winner of the competition and the customer of the project – a communal company for the maintenance of greenery in the Darnytskyi district.