Investment contests will be held in the capital for the implementation of the project on the creation of a chain of stores with a range of products of the highest consumer demand in the city of Kyiv. Their organization is entrusted to the Department of Economics and Investments in accordance with the KСSA Order № 370.

Industry and Entrepreneurship Development Department is defined as a customer of the project. Indicative technical and economic indicators, pre-design proposals to the terms of the competition will be carried out by the Kyiv Investment Agency.

Placement of stores will be provided in temporary facilities within walking distance of residential buildings in ten districts of the capital. The assortment of goods will consist of socially-requested varieties of bread, poultry, eggs, milk and dairy products.

An announcement of the investment competition for attracting investors will be published on the official portal of Kyiv ( and in the printed publication “Khreschatyk Kyiv”.

Earlier, in the framework of further realization of the social investment project between the city authorities and PJSC “Kyivkhlib”, a memorandum was signed on the continuation of the sale of bread in the capital, at special low prices in 150 retail stores established in the framework of previously concluded investment contracts.