According to the results of the analysis of key indicators of cost-effectiveness, the capital of Ukraine ranked fifth in the rating of Top 10 Smart Locations of the Future 2019/20 of the specialized edition of the Financial Times – FDI Magazine. The rating and its methodology are published on the website of the publication.

The following indicators were taken into account: annual rent for prime Grade A office space, average salary for skilled worker, room rate per night in 4*/5* hotel in city centre,total tax rate (profit), cost of establishing a business, cost of registering a property, cost of establishing an electricity connection.

The first place in the ranking for the indicator of cost-effectiveness belongs to the capital and the largest Macedonian city of Skopje. Kyiv is also left behind on several positions from Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria), Kaunas (Lithuanian Republic) and Polish Gdansk. Hanoi ((Vietnam) concludes TOP-10.

Earlier, Kyiv ranked sixth in the rating of cost-effectiveness of the fDi edition. Then, for the profitability of investments in terms of the efficiency of the resources involved, the capital entered the top ten European cities.