Kyiv plans to attract a loan of €110 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the modernization of public transport for the period of 12-13 years. This decision was supported by the Kyiv City Council deputies at the plenary session.

In particular, credit financing of €50 million will involve Municipal Enterprise “Kyivskyi metropoliten” and €60 million – Municipal Enterprise “Kyivpastrans”.

The decision of the City Council “On the attraction of the loan of EBRD by Municipal Enterprise “Kyivskyi metropoliten” provides for the attraction of credit resources from an international financial institution in an amount of up to €50 million. The funds will be directed to the purchase of rolling stock – up to 50 metro cars.

“Implementation of this draft decision will improve transport services for residents and guests of the city, transport passengers to the center quickly, transfer stations, reduce the burden on land transport, improve the environmental situation in the city”, – said the First Deputy Head of KCSA Mykola Povoroznyk.

Participation of Municipal Enterprise “Kyivpastrans” in the project of modernization of urban transport will provide an opportunity to modernize the rolling stock of trams, notably: to purchase modern modular tram cars of 30-34 meters long, adapted for the service of passengers with disabilities. Modern low-floor tram cars provide European requirements for the quality of passenger transport. Also, new cars provide energy saving up to 40% compared to existing rolling stock. The decision of Kyiv City Council will provide an opportunity to attract credit resources of up to €60 million.

Similarly, Kyiv City Council supported the Municipal Corporation “Kyivavtodor” concerning the loan from the International Financial Institution (EBRD) in the amount of up to €60 million for major repairs of the Metro Bridge motorways. The working project provides for major repairs of runways with the restoration of their bearing capacity, as well as repair of the roadway bridge, major repairs of pavements, repair of exterior lighting, replacement of railings. The design and estimate documentation has already been developed and a positive conclusion of the state expertise has been received.

Furthermore, €10 million will be attracted by Municipal Enterprise “Kyivpastrans” for the comprehensive reconstruction of the tram line and “Kontraktova Ploshcha” stop. Today, the traffic on the square is chaotic and has no clear order and separate pedestrian crossings, there is no clear pedestrian-transport scheme.

During the reconstruction, a modern “transport hub” will be created that will separate the pedestrian zone from the transport and make the transport infrastructure more modern and comfortable. It is envisaged to upgrade the sections of the tram track with the use of modern technologies, replace the road surface, reorganize traffic flows on the Square and adjacent streets, improve the conditions for boarding-disembarkation of passengers, including persons with disabilities, the arrangement of stops with modern pavilions of waiting with the possibility of access to the Internet , the placement of electronic information boards, which in the online mode inform about the mode of movement of vehicles, the installation of a bicycle path.