Kyiv municipality and French company SUEZ International SAS signed the Memorandum on cooperation in waste management. The corresponding document was signed by Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko and Vice-President of SUEZ International SAS Alexandra Bourgoin.

“Today we sign an important document for our city – the Memorandum of Understanding between Kyiv and the company SUEZ International SAS on the vital issue for the capital – waste management. This is a problem today not only for Kyiv but also for every city in Ukraine”, said Vitaliy Klitschko.

He added that the capital will begin long-term cooperation with French partners and will develop a strategic plan for waste management by common efforts.

“I hope that cooperation with our French partner will be an impetus for Kyiv and for Ukraine in the area of solid household waste management. Actually, SUEZ International SAS is a global leader in the design, construction, and management of solid waste and water treatment facilities and is a partner of local authorities in many countries around the world. And Kyiv is interested in using such experience and in such cooperation”, – he stressed.

Also, the Mayor of Kyiv met with a delegation of high-level directors of the French companies-members of the Association of Employers of France, MEDEF International, which included 15 companies from different sectors of the French economy, in particular, infrastructure, investment management, banking, consulting and other companies interested in investing into the economy of Ukraine and Kyiv.