Intercepting bicycle hubs for rental, maintenance and temporary storage of bicycles will appear in Obolonsky, Desnianskyi, Goloseevsky and Darnitsky districts of the city of Kyiv. “Bike Box” LLC will create a network of bicycle hubs according to the results of the investment tender. The results of the investment tender are approved by the relevant directive of the Kyiv city state administration.

The customer of the project on the creation of bicycle infrastructure of the city of Kyiv is a municipal enterprise “Kyiv Center for the Development of the Urban Environment”.

Thus, according to the conditions of the investment tender, intercepting bike hubs are planned to be located at 20 Obolonsky avenue, Park “Muromets”, Akademika Tronʹka street (near the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine), 1 Akademika Hlushkova street, and at the intersection of Grigorenko and Mykoly Bazhana avenue.

The winning company has to equip bike hubs from prefabricated temporary one-story buildings (lightweight structures) without a foundation and to carry out work on the accomplishment of the territory with the establishment of benches, garbage bins, and street lights.

The estimated cost of creating an investment object is UAH 3.7 million. The final cost will be determined on the basis of the project documentation approved in accordance with the established procedure.

The main criterion for determining the winner of the competition was the best offer regarding the size of the contribution to the creation of a network of bicycle hubs in the capital.