Kyiv today is a leader in the number of energy service contracts (ESCO) implemented, which allows private investments in energy-efficient buildings. Of all ESCO-contracts concluded in Ukraine, almost 40% are operating in Kyiv. Over the past three years, within the framework of energy service contracts, Kyiv has attracted 105 million UAH in energy saving for kindergartens and schools. This was announced today by the Deputy head of the KCSA, Petro Panteleev, during a visit to the Preschool educational institution # 601 (17 Verkhovyna Str.) where solar panels are installed to receive electricity from the solar system.

He emphasized that ESCO-mechanism is a widespread and successful European practice. “An energy service contract involves attracting private investments into energy saving measures. The investor returns the money at the expense of savings. After the project has paid off, the institutions remain with new equipment and with clean energy saving”, – Petro Panteleev explained.

“Kyiv is the undisputed leader among the cities of Ukraine by the number of energy service contracts. During 2016-2019, 120 contracts were concluded, accounting for almost 40% of all contracts concluded in Ukraine. Within the framework of ESCO Kyiv has attracted 105 million UAH of investments in energy efficiency of the budget sphere. For these funds, individual heat points with weather regulation were upgraded in 62 buildings of the capital’s educational institutions”, – said Petro Panteleev. According to him, already 6 energy service contracts have been completed, equipment, which was installed in the framework of contracts, was transferred by the executors to the communal property of the city of Kyiv.

“The economic effect exceeded the projected expectations: instead of 3.5 million UAH, we already received almost 10 million USD on thermal energy”, – noted the Deputy head of the KCSA.