The city will continue to test the «Bike Sharing» system from April 9, 2019. This was announced by the first deputy chairman of the KCSA Mykola Povoroznyk.

“This pilot project last year had a very positive response among residents and guests of the city, and this year it will continue its operation. Bicycles will be available on thirty-three approved locations, familiar to for cyclists”, – said Mykola Povoroznyk.

In addition, according to him, the conditions of the investment competition for the creation of a bike sharing system are currently approved.

“Under the terms of the investment competition, the investor must create another 231 rental points in the city of Kyiv and ensure that they will have two thousand bicycles to be equipped with software, GPS trackers and smart locks,” said Mykola Povoroznyk.

He noted that within the framework of the project it is planned to create two types of bicycle rental facilities – with an area of 6 and 12 square meters. Their placement is carried out exclusively by drawing blue lines on asphalt, without the installation of temporary structures and without the arrangement of foundations. Each bike must be equipped with a smart lock that blocks the bike’s mechanism and prevents it from moving on without paying, thus preventing theft; software for rental services and for the unlocking of the bike smart lock, as well as a GPS tracker that tracks the exact location of the bike.

“Bike hire points will be available in all districts of the capital. The mechanism of rental of bicycles will remain unchanged “, – said Mykola Povoroznyk.

The estimated cost of implementing an investment project for the creation of the “Bike-sharing” system is 33.3 million UAH.