Within the framework of the project of cooperation between Kyiv Academic University (KAU) with German colleagues who have a successful experience in creating the Innovative Science and Technology Park “Berlin Adlershof”, the similar project can be implemented on the basis of the University.

According to Nataliia Melnyk, Director of the Department of Economics and Investments of KCSA, the creation and development of scientific and innovation parks in the city of Kyiv will improve the investment attractiveness of the capital, accelerate the integration of modern high-tech developments in the production sphere and achieve maximum economic effect for the capital as a whole.

The Berlin Adlershof Science and Technology Park is one of the most successful high-tech venues in Germany and one of Berlin’s largest media hubs. The Ukrainian analog of such technopark is planned to be called “Academ.City” and it will be located on the territory of the KAU.

The issue of preparation for the signing of the tripartite Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between the KCSA, the Kyiv Academic University, and the Berlin Adlershof is currently under consideration.