The investment contests will be held to attract investors to create a bike-sharing network in the capital. This was stated in the decree of KCSA.

Part of the concept for the development of bicycle infrastructure in Kyiv will be implemented on the request of the municipal enterprise “Kyiv Center for Urban Environment Development”. Implementation of the project is possible if the bike-sharing bicycle rental points are linked to existing cycling routes or confirmed (approved) project solutions of the bicycle routes. The arrangement of these items will also take into account the existing transport situation, the location of objects outside the red lines, state building codes, the Laws of Ukraine and other legislative acts.

According to the Department of Economics and Investments, the indicative technical and economic indicators, the list of specific places for locations and other characteristics of the project will be determined by the Kyiv Investment Agency at the stage of implementation of preparatory (pre-investment) works and the preparation of proposals for the terms of investment competitions.

Conduct these competitions is entrusted to the ongoing competitive commission on attracting investors to finance construction, reconstruction, restoration, etc. residential and non-residential, unfinished construction, engineering, and transport infrastructure of the city of Kyiv.

Creation of a bike-sharing network system will help to improve the environmental performance, reduce the financial burden on the city budget within the reconstruction of roads and highways, increase the tourist attractiveness of the capital, and attract investment resources to Kyiv`s economy.