Taking into account other cities’ results, Kyiv has a considerable potential for improving its energy efficiency. The implementation of energy saving measures will enable an improvement in the quality of life of Kyiv residents and will free the infrastructure from the effects of the city’s further expansion.

The implementation of energy saving measures must have the following ultimate results:

– Improvement of the quality of life (adequate heat and power supplies) of Kyiv residents

– Stabilization and economy of expenses on utility services

– Reduction of energy sector costs in the structure of the GRP and reduction of the cost of products manufactured by the city’s enterprises

– Improvement of the regulatory environment for energy enterprises and energy service companies

– Recycling of wastes and efficient use of vegetation wastes as energy resources

– Reduction of the city’s dependence on natural gas supplies

– It is important to note in this context that these results can be achieved without any losses for either of the involved parties through the efficient use of those resources which are currently wasted.